Our History

An Entrepreneurial Legacy

The story of Bloomwoods Flowers begins with Kim Nelson and her family of entrepreneurs and business owners. One might conclude that Kim was destined to run her own business; it's in her blood! After taking a floral design class in high school, Kim's interest in flowers quickly blossomed. She began working with a local florist and fell in love with the art and industry. Eventually, Kim started taking big strides towards her goal of opening her own flower shop.

With great encouragement from her late husband David, Kim opened Kimberly Nelson Floral Design in 2002 and set up a workshop in her garage. Each year, her floral business grew a little more until it flourished into something bigger than her garage could handle. In order to open a larger workshop outside of her home, Kim and David moved to Phoenix City, and Kim received her AIFD certificate.

In 2012, another expansion took place, and Kim and David moved to The Landings, where Kimberly Nelson Floral design was renamed, and Bloomwoods Flowers was born that April. Five years later, in 2017, Bloomwoods Flowers grew into its current location in Rollins Way. It didn't take long for the flower shop to outgrow its space once again. However, another move didn't seem necessary, so instead, the store expanded into a 4,000 sq ft retail space in the Shoppes of Bradley Park.

David was one of Kim's biggest supporters and a fantastic source of encouragement from the very beginning. He pitched in as much as possible, becoming an integral part of Bloomwoods Flowers' success, setting up weddings alongside Kim, helping in the store during major holidays, and delivering arrangements before retiring in 2020.

Today, the Bloomwoods Flowers team is comprised of dedicated, passionate, and friendly employees who value fresh, quality blooms as much as their customers, friends, and family. Marie, our floral designer, James, our front counter clerk, and Irene, our store manager, all crossed paths with Kim as she designed flowers for their or their daughter's wedding days. Kim is hardly short on helping hands, especially from family. Her mother pitches in with day-to-day tasks alongside Irene's daughter and husband during some of the busiest times of the year.

As a family-owned and operated floral shop, Bloomwoods Flowers values family time as much as ensuring customers are well taken care of. Receiving compliments on customer service and the ease of working with the team drives Bloomwoods Flowers to go above and beyond standard practices. You can be sure that a delivery from Bloomwoods Flowers is a delivery of care, consideration, uncompromised service, and natural beauty.