Dozen Tall Red Roses arrangement with filler

Dozen red roses arranged with premium greenery and seasonal premium filler in the glass vase. 
Approx 25” tall. 

The Dozen Tall Red Roses arrangement from Bloomwoods Flowers epitomizes classic romance and enduring beauty. Each of the twelve red roses stands elegantly, their velvety petals unfurling to reveal a deep, passionate hue that speaks directly to the heart. These roses are selected for their height and the perfection of their bloom, ensuring a majestic display about 25” tall.

Accompanying these stunning red roses is a selection of premium greenery that drapes gracefully, adding volume and a lush backdrop to the vibrant red. The greenery is chosen not just for its complementary color but for its ability to enhance the natural beauty of the roses, creating a balance between luxury and refined simplicity. The seasonal premium filler, thoughtfully integrated to lend a fullness to the arrangement and a textural contrast to the smoothness of the rose petals, adds to the visual splendor. These subtle details elevate the bouquet from merely beautiful to breathtaking.

Presented in a clear glass vase, the arrangement invites light to dance around the stems, creating a spectacle of shadows and highlights that add depth and movement. This Dozen Tall Red Roses with filler is not just a floral gift; it's a grand gesture, a declaration of love, and a symbol of moments to be cherished. Whether it’s an anniversary, a romantic milestone, or to say "I love you," these roses from Bloomwoods Flowers in Columbus, GA, are a classic choice that will never fail to make a profound impression.

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