Fancy Nancy

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Coral roses with thistle, wax flower, mini green hydrangea, and assorted greenery in a face vase. 

"Fancy Nancy," is a whimsical creation from our floral boutique at Bloomwoods Flowers in Columbus, GA. This arrangement is a playful dance of color and texture, where the warmth of coral roses meets the rustic charm of thistle. Delicate wax flowers sprinkle in a dash of fairy-like wonder, while the lushness of mini green hydrangeas creates a verdant backdrop.

Nestled in a unique face vase that adds a touch of quirkiness, "Fancy Nancy" seems almost to whisper tales of enchanted gardens and joyful celebrations. The vase, with its dainty lashes and a soft pink pout, lends a personality to the bouquet, transforming it from a mere collection of stems and petals to a story in bloom. The assorted greenery cascades gently, framing the vivid blooms and creating a full, abundant display to captivate and delight. Whether gracing a cheerful brunch table or brightening a beloved friend's day, "Fancy Nancy" is a testament to the art of floral expression. This true conversation starter will enchant and impress.

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