Tender Touch Casket Design

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This is a half blanket. It will include hydrangeas roses stock, larkspur, and eucalyptus. 

The Tender Touch Casket Design from Bloomwoods Flowers is a half blanket arrangement with a gentle serenity. It reflects a touch as tender as the emotions it conveys. This delicate floral creation is designed to gracefully drape over the casket, providing comfort and expressing unspoken words of love and remembrance. Central to this design are the plush hydrangeas, their voluminous blooms in soft hues contributing a lush base to the arrangement. Roses, symbols of love and grace, nestle amongst the hydrangeas, their intricate petals unfolding in a delicate ballet of color. The roses are selected in shades that complement the overall pastel theme, offering whispers of affection with every soft hue. Sprigs of larkspur, with their slender stalks and dainty flowers reaching upwards, add depth and a whisper of the wild, symbolizing the aspiration to the heavens. Eucalyptus, with its silvery-green leaves, provides a fragrant backdrop that fills the air with a soothing scent and adds a rich texture to the arrangement.

The Tender Touch Casket Design is a testament to Bloomwoods Flowers' commitment to crafting floral tributes that not only honor the departed but also provide solace to the living. It is an arrangement that speaks directly to the heart, offering a final gesture of beauty for a cherished life.

DELIVERY: Every order is hand-delivered direct to the recipient.

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