Vibrant Casket Blanket

A lovely casket blanket with roses, gerberas, delphinium, sunflowers, vikings and seasonal filler. This is a half blanket. 
Colors can be shown or customized. 

The Vibrant Casket Blanket from Bloomwoods Flowers in Columbus, GA, is a vivid and lush tribute, celebrating life with every petal and leaf. This half blanket features a lavish spread of roses, gerberas, delphinium, sunflowers, and Vikings, each flower selected for its vibrant hue and texture and complemented by a selection of seasonal fillers.

Radiant sunflowers with cheerful faces stand out, symbolizing adoration and longevity, while the roses in soft and deep shades of apricots express gratitude and reverence. The gerberas add a playful note with their large, daisy-like blooms, symbolizing innocence and purity. Towering spikes of delphinium contribute a stately presence, their rich blues whispering of dignity and grace. The bold yellows and fiery oranges are set against the cool tones of delphinium, creating a tapestry of colors that are as rich and varied as the memories held within the hearts of loved ones. This casket blanket is an adornment for a final farewell and a powerful reminder of the beauty and vibrancy of a life well-lived.

Colors in this piece can be tailored to reflect the personal tastes and wishes of your loved one, ensuring that this final tribute is as unique and special as the life it honors.

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