Pink and White Casket Design

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It is an elegant soft mix for a beautiful casket piece. Simply stunning!! Features Lilies roses stock hydrangea snaps lisianthus

The Pink and White Casket Design from Bloomwoods Flowers in Columbus, GA, is a breathtaking emblem of grace and purity. This elegant soft mix is carefully curated to provide a beautiful adornment for a final farewell. It's simply stunning, a visual sonnet to the beauty that was and will forever be remembered.

Centered among the softness are the lilies, their large, trumpet-shaped blooms unfurling in gentle splendor. They are flanked by the timeless beauty of roses, their soft pink and white hues a tender whisper of affection. The stock flowers contribute with their dense clusters, adding depth and a touch of sweet fragrance. Hydrangeas offer a lush fullness with their large, cloud-like blooms, while the snapdragons stand tall and stately, a symbol of grace under pressure. The lisianthus, with its delicate, fluttering petals, rounds out the arrangement, adding an air of sophisticated charm. Together, these flowers create an exquisite tribute, their collective splendor speaking volumes in the silent language of flowers. This Pink and White Casket Design is more than just a floral arrangement; it's a statement of love, a comfort to those grieving, and a stunning homage to a cherished life.

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