garden-style, pastel sympathy casket spray

Pink and White Garden Casket Blanket

This is a half blanket. It includes roses, stock, lisianthus, delphinium, sweet William, and trailing greenery in a round and mounded shape. 

The Pink and White Garden Casket Blanket from Bloomwoods Flowers in Columbus, GA, is an exquisite floral tribute, tenderly crafted to honor and celebrate a loved one's life. As a half blanket, it adorns the casket with grace and respect, providing a soft bed of blooms that speak of love, beauty, and the gentle passage from this world to the next. Roses, the eternal symbol of love, are the heart of this arrangement. Their delicate petals in shades of soft pink and pure white are carefully placed to create a round and mounded shape, their fragrance evoking memories of cherished moments. Complementing the roses, stock adds a lovely fullness with its dense clusters of blooms, contributing to the sweet scent that wafts gently through the air. Elegant lisianthus flowers bring unique beauty with soft, ruffled petals, while spikes of delphinium rise gracefully above the other blooms, adding a serene blue to the palette. Sweet William intersperses bursts of color and texture, and the ensemble is completed by cascades of trailing greenery that spill over the sides of the casket, symbolizing the continuation of life's journey.

This Pink and White Garden Casket Blanket is a visual comfort to those who grieve and a magnificent homage to a well-lived life. Each flower is selected for its beauty and significance, ensuring that this final floral embrace is as special and unique as the individual it commemorates.

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