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Anthurium Trio Basket

Trio basket containing anthurium, aglaonemia, and diffenbachia. 

The Anthurium Trio Basket from Bloomwoods Flowers in Columbus, GA, is a harmonious blend of elegance and vitality, a perfect embodiment of nature's resilience and beauty. This arrangement features a thoughtful curation of anthurium, aglaonema, and dieffenbachia, each plant contributing its unique texture and color to create a lush, vibrant display.

The anthurium, with its glossy green leaves and bright, heart-shaped blooms, stands out as a symbol of hospitality and warmth. Nestled amongst them, the aglaonema's variegated leaves add depth and variety, while the robust dieffenbachia complements the arrangement with its striking patterned foliage. Together, housed in a rustic trio basket, they create a stunning display of greenery that breathes life into any space. The natural textures and shades of green are accented by the anthurium's pops of color, making this basket a gift and a centerpiece that brings a bit of the outdoors inside. This trio basket from Bloomwoods Flowers offers a refreshing touch to a home or office, a reminder of the simple beauty that plants bring to our daily lives. It’s an ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance their environment with a touch of green and a flourish of Bloomwoods Flowers' signature style.

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