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An Easy Guide to Creating Hygge for the Holidays

The holidays are here once more, and with this season comes excitement, cheer, and joy. However, this season also brings crowded stores, snowy roads, and chaos as we prepare for holiday dinners, houseguests, and end-of-the-year projects. Between the hustle and bustle and busy schedules, it is crucial to embrace hygge. This Danish art form urges us to take comfort in our surroundings, connect with loved ones, and find joy in the little things. Here at Bloomwoods Flowers, the best florist in Columbus, GA, we are sharing seven steps to finding comfort, connection, and gratitude in our everyday lives, especially during the holidays and winter season.

Seven Steps to Hygge 

Beautiful poinsettia and gift box on white table in stylish living room interior. Traditional Christmas flower

Start With Your Environment 

Inviting hygge into your life this winter can start by giving your surroundings some TLC. Ditch the clutter and items in your home that don’t make you feel cheerful or cozy, and replace them with holiday decor, sweet fragrant candles, cozy textures, soft Christmas lights, and comfortable blankets and pillows. Fresh, inviting, and welcoming winter flowers are the perfect way to bring nature and beauty into your home. Seasonal blooms like magnolias, hydrangeas, amaryllis, poinsettias, and roses are refreshing, tranquil, inspiring, and joyful this time of year. 

winter night, happy woman resting by the fire with a blanket and caressing her golden pet, feet in wool socks. Cozy scene.

Get Comfortable 

After your space looks and feels refreshed, cozy, and homey, it’s time to enjoy it. Change into your favorite loungewear that makes you feel warm and comfortable, put on the softest socks, wrap yourself in a fuzzy blanket, and lay on the couch or floor among a bed of marshmallow-like blankets and pillows. Feeling comfy and cozy allows you to unwind, let go, and find peace and presence in the moments ahead. 

Tasty homemade Christmas cookies on red plate, closeup view

Take Time to Enjoy Your Favorite Meals & Goodies

Hygge is experienced through life’s simple pleasures, such as indulging in your favorite holiday treats or family meal. Christmas cookies, coffee cake, apple pie, specialty coffees, and hot cocoa will warm your soul and feed your heart, especially when sharing these delicacies with friends and family. Whether these goodies are “healthy” or not, allow yourself to partake in mindful eating and drinking as you enjoy the things you crave, especially if loved ones thoughtfully prepared them.

Indoor cozy Hobbies for winter, autumn cold season. Redhead woman playing acoustic guitar and listening to music, sitting near window home

Indulge in a Relaxing Hobby

Reserve an afternoon or a full day to dive back into an old hobby that once brought you pleasure, joy, and bliss. Finding hygge in the simple moments can also mean creating these moments yourself. For instance, pick up that book you didn’t finish, knit a scarf, crochet a hat for yourself, pop on some Netflix and chill, or build a puzzle and discover a spectacular image. While spending time doing what you love, unplug from the outside world or from things that disrupt your inner peace so you can create and experience hygge. 

Handsome young dad and his little cute daughter are having fun outdoor in winter. Enjoying spending time together. Family concept.

Head Outside & Observe Nature

A large part of finding hygge is observing and connecting, especially to your surroundings and Mother Nature. Even in the cold winter months, step outside to appreciate the magnificent world we live. Breathe in the crisp, fresh air, slow down, be in the moment fully, and find peace in the natural allure. Take a walk through the snow, tend to your garden or greenhouse, search for wildflowers, build a snowman with family, or bring home a stunning winter floral arrangement from your local florist. 

family mother and child daughter drinking tea and laughing on winter evening by fireplace

Spend Time with Friends & Family

The best holidays are often spent surrounded by family and friends. Taking quality time with loved ones for granted can be easy, so this year, make it a point to step away from the craziness that this season brings. Invite your family to bake cookies, put up the tree, hang nostalgic ornaments, or decorate the house together while you chat and make new holiday memories. Host a dinner party with friends, clear your schedule for a day, and prioritize presence over presents.   

Beautiful bouquet of red and white winter flowers with greenery. Young woman admiring and smelling the flowers.

Be Present

No matter what you do this holiday season, do it mindfully. “Stop and smell the flowers,” slice your phone, shut your laptop, and soak in each special moment as you shop, bake, eat a meal or favorite treat, take a walk, connect with loved ones, or savor some well-deserved “me time.” There truly is no time like the present. 

Although hygge can’t be bought in a store, you can certainly find it in the gorgeous seasonal blooms and winter arrangements here at Bloomwoods Flowers. Whether you find comfort in bringing nature into your home, sending them as a gift to a loved one, or admiring the season’s natural beauty among friends as a holiday table centerpiece, there is no denying the hygge that flowers can evoke.

How to create hygge for the holidays