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How Red Blooms Brighten, Elevate, and Warm Your Home During Winter

If you want to spice up your holiday decorations to make your house feel warm and inviting for the holidays, there are no better options than some beautiful red flowers. Red flowers and plants are fairly common, and while many are tied to romance and love, red flowers are also known to represent many other things like passion, power, courage, and respect. Here at Bloomwoods Flowers, the best florist in Columbus, GA, we have assembled a carefully curated list of some of our favorite red blooms and their deeper meanings.

Look to these beautiful red blooms to brighten your home for the holiday season


A symbol of grace and beauty, amaryllis’ stature and splendor have also led it to represent strength and determination.


A simple flower symbolizing love, the red anemone’s delicate and elegant red petals that surround a dark center truly make it stand out.


This exotic bloom is known to symbolize joy and kindness.


A popular flower in greek mythology, the aster is a symbol of undying devotion.


A subtle and pretty bloom, the red carnation represents admiration.


Known now as the “Queen of Fall Flowers,” a red chrysanthemum signifies beauty and joy.


The exotic-looking red dahlia signifies commitment.

Gerbera Daisy

Big and bold gerbera daisies are sure to bring cheer as is the fifth most popular flower in the world.


An icon of love and romance, the rose is a classic and timeliness flower blooming in many shades of red to fit any bouquet and occasion.


While not a flower, winterberry or sometimes called holly, symbolizes the crisp winter months and holiday spirit.

Why Is Red an Exciting Color Choice for Flowers?

Red is a special color with a long history. It is the first color that humans perceive and what babies can see before any other hue. In its earliest history, red symbolized power, wealth, and war, while in medieval times, red represented love, beauty, and glory. Red has also had deeply religious ties throughout history, signifying the blood of Christ.

Red is known as “the color of extremes” as it represents love, passion, seduction, violence, anger, and danger. Here are a few more interesting facts about the color red:

  • Red and blue are the two most popular “favorite colors” chosen by people all around the world.
  • Appearing in over 75% of the world’s flags, red is the most common flag color.
  • Being so noticeable, red is the international color for “stop.”
  • Red represents good fortune in Asia and is the most loved color in China.
  • In Japan and India, brides wear red gowns on their wedding day for good luck.
  • Studies suggest men are more attracted to women who wear red.
  • When paired with green, red symbolizes Christmas in most western countries.

It seems clear that red is certainly the color of love and life. The one thing we can guarantee is that red is not boring but rather alluring and captivating. This stimulating color is perfect for helping flowers bring energy and warmth to your home during the gloomy fall and winter months.

What is the Red Christmas Flower Called?

You can’t make a list about red winter flowers without including the most common and iconic seasonal bloom – the poinsettia! This symbol of the holidays and wintertime is marked by its brilliant red and green leaves. These plants represent happiness, love, hope, and kindness. If properly taken care of, a poinsettia can survive all year long and re-bloom every winter.

If you want to add some brightness, energy, and warmth to your home in the cold months of autumn and winter, then festive flowers are the way to go. View our selection of festive red flowers here at Bloomwoods Flowers in Columbus.

Vibrant red blooms