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How to Choose the Perfect Blooms for a Thoughtful Airport Greeting

From holiday travel and overdue vacations to work trips and more, friends, families, and loved ones are reuniting at airports with excitement, hugs, and warm welcomes. Precious moments like these should be celebrated with thoughtful and cheerful blooms that say “welcome home,” “I’ve missed you,” “thanks for visiting,” or “glad you are here.” Although there are many ways to convey your happiness, friendship, love, and gratitude, nothing compares to beautiful, fragrant flowers. It’s a classic tradition! To help you plan the perfect airport greeting for your loved one and pick out the perfect “welcome blooms,” the experts at Bloomwoods Flowers, your favorite Columbus, GA, florist, are sharing their suggestions, including popular, symbolic flowers. 

Welcoming Loved Ones with Meaningful Flowers

Fresh Flowers for Friends

Greeting friends at the airport with a bouquet of fresh flowers is a wonderful way to welcome them to town. If they are visiting from far away or you rarely get to hang out with each other, you may want to convey feelings such as joy, happiness, and bliss. In case you are picking up a friend to take them home, then perhaps blooms that represent friendship are more appropriate. 

  • Alstroemeria – Friendship and Optimism
  • Chrysanthemums – “You’re a wonderful friend”
  • Geraniums – True Friendship
  • Iris – “Your friendship means so much to me”
  • Yellow Roses – Friendship and Joy
  • Yellow Tulips – Friendship and Cheerfulness
  • Zinnias – “Never forget absent friends”

Romantic Blooms for Significant Others

Like a scene from your favorite romantic film, bringing a lavish bouquet of flowers for your significant other is a thoughtful way to make them feel extra special and loved. Whether they have flown across the country to see you or are returning home from a long trip, fresh blooms are a timeless and passionate way to say “I’ve missed you,” “I love you,” and so much more. 

  • Dahlia – Excitement and Lasting Bond
  • Forget-Me-Not – “True love memories”
  • Roses – Romance, Passion, and Love
  • Honeysuckle – “The bond of love”
  • Lavender – Enchantment, and Love at First Sight
  • Pink Camellia – Longing and often given to those we miss
  • Red Chrysanthemums – “I love you”
  • Stocks – Bonds of Affection and Happy Life

Meaningful Petals for Family

Greeting family at the airport is another occasion that might call for stunning flowers and a warm welcome. This beautiful and colorful “hello” will allow you to express your gratitude for their visit or their safe return home as you give them a heartwarming embrace. Although there are a variety of blooms that will make them smile from ear to ear, peach, orange, and pink are perfect symbolic hues to include.

  • Hydrangea – Sincerely Heartfelt and Gratitude
  • Orange Tulips – Warmth
  • Peach Roses – Missing Someone
  • Pink Carnations – Gratitude and a Mother’s Undying Love

Cheerful Flowers for Any Traveler/Visitor

Maybe you are picking up an out-of-town guest or traveler that you don’t consider to be a close friend but want to give a warm greeting nonetheless. Joy, appreciation, happiness, and welcome are ideal sentiments that can be expressed with flowers. A simple bouquet can speak volumes when presented to out-of-towners who are far from home. 

  • Baby’s Breath – Happiness
  • Calla Lilies – Rejuvenation, Classy Style, and Luxurious Appeal
  • Gerbera Daisies – Cheerfulness and Loyal Love
  • Pink Roses – Appreciation, Joy, and Gratitude
  • Safflowers – Welcome
  • Sunflowers – Happiness
  • Sweet Pea – “Thank you,” Bliss, Pleasure, and a great way to bid someone “farewell” after a wonderful visit
  • Wisteria – Welcome
  • Yellow Lily – Gratitude

Related Meanings of Colors

Each variety of flowers holds rich and brilliant symbolism. However, a flower’s color also plays a role in expressing our emotions and feelings when greeting guests or creating a warm welcome for loved ones. When selecting which blooms are perfect for your next airport “hello,” turn to the many stunning hues of flowers with inspiring messages.

  • Light Pink – Admiration
  • Peach – Gratitude
  • Pink – Gratitude and Appreciation
  • Red – Passion, Love, and Romance
  • Yellow – Joy and Friendship

Welcoming visitors at the airport with alluring blooms is nothing new. If you have ever traveled to the Hawaiian Islands, then you may be familiar with the iconic tradition of greeting guests with leis at the airport or hotel. This tradition began in the 1800s when steamships were bringing visitors to the islands, and locals wanted to show signs of hospitality, respect, and “aloha.” In addition to flowers, nuts and shells were also strung together to create welcoming Hawaiian leis, better known as the “authentic Hawaiian hello.”

Get inspired by the language of flowers as you plan an airport greeting or warm welcome. Reuniting with family, friends, and loved ones at the airport is a special moment that deserves to be celebrated with amazing floral bouquets from Bloomwoods Flowers. 

Greet guests and loved ones in the language of flowers