Pink Pastel Moss Cross

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This is one of our favorite color combinations. It's a stunning cross with greenery accents, peach roses, a shade of purple rose, green trick, and wax flower. It's the perfect tribute for that special loved one.

The Pink Pastel Moss Cross from Bloomwoods Flowers stands as a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to a cherished loved one. Adorned with a tapestry of nature's finest, this arrangement blends the soft, serene hues of pink and peach with touches of purple to create a visual hymn of remembrance and love. Crafted with deep care and respect, the cross is lovingly covered in a bed of vibrant green moss, symbolizing eternal life and the everlasting nature of love. Peach roses, a symbol of gratitude and sincerity, are thoughtfully placed amongst the greenery, their delicate petals unfolding like tender memories. Nestled alongside them are roses in a shade of purple, their color signifying dignity, admiration, and the unique essence of the honored one. Green trick dianthus adds a lush, whimsical texture, symbolizing the renewal of life, while the wax flower, with its delicate blooms, represents lasting affection and enduring bonds. Each element of the Pink Pastel Moss Cross has been chosen for beauty and significance, making it a favored combination for expressing profound sentiments.

This floral cross is more than a symbol; it's a statement of enduring affection, a perfect tribute to a special life that inspires and touches hearts even in absence. Each glance evokes a sense of peace and a gentle reminder of the impact one life can have on so many.

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