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Bloomwoods Flowers - Columbus, Georgia

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Create the Perfect Warm Welcome with Symbolic Houseplants and Vibrant Blooms for New Neighbors

Peeking out your window and spotting moving vans, trucks, and unfamiliar cars filled with furniture and boxes means just one thing…you have new neighbors! Whether you recognize them as friends, acquaintances, or coworkers, or they are complete strangers, greeting new neighbors with a warm welcome is exciting. You never know if you will be meeting your new best friend or your favorite neighbor to borrow a stick of butter or a cup of sugar from. Here at Bloomwoods Flowers, the best florist in Columbus, GA, we believe in the amazing power of thoughtful and friendly neighbors and welcoming someone with a vibrant and alluring floral arrangement or a houseplant to warm their home. Learn about a few of our favorite housewarming blooms and plants with welcoming symbolism.

A Warm Welcome to the Neighborhood


Orchids were once a highly sought-after and coveted blooming plant, especially in the Victorian Ages. Their unmatched beauty is bursting with rich symbolism, making orchids an ideal housewarming gift for new neighbors. Pink orchids represent joy, while green orchids are linked to blessings and good fortune. Yellow orchids are the most ideal to welcome your new neighbor as they symbolize friendship and new beginnings.


Monstera plants are known for their vivid tropical leaves, which prove to be nothing short of fantastic and showstopping. Their ability to make any space feel and look more vibrant, homey, and fresh has made their popularity as a houseplant soar over the last few years. In eastern cultures, monster plants are connected to respect, honor, and longevity, which can be a wonderful sentiment for new neighbors.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is among the best welcoming plants and housewarming gifts as it fills a room with harmony, peace, happiness, and of course, good luck. Displaying lucking bamboo is like displaying a unique piece of living art as its stalks grow and shift into a myriad of shapes and patterns.

Peace Lily

The name “peace lily” is enough to promote tranquility, peace, zen, comfort, and warmth in a new home. In addition, peace lilies offer alluring and graceful white flowers that bloom among lush, shiny green leaves and symbolize good luck, fortune, and prosperity.


One of the most meaningful gestures to welcome new neighbors is by including flowers that reflect a new life chapter. For instance, peonies are superb blooms to give to newlyweds or engaged couples who have purchased their first home together. These fragrant and fluffy flowers are linked to goodwill, wealth, love, joy, and happy marriage. 


Bright, sunny, and cheerful sunflowers are a great way to brighten up a new home and bring some warmth and happiness along with it. Their large round faces will lift anyone’s mood, especially if moving has become exhausting or stressful, while adding a pop of color that signifies happiness, love, peace, optimism, and harmony.

Stargazer Lilies

Stargazer lilies are outstanding and remarkable, with big, bold blooms that can be found in a variety of hues. With each color of the lily comes unique symbolism to help you convey the perfect message. While yellow lilies are linked to happiness and joy, pink lilies are said to bring prosperity and abundance.


As a beautiful springtime flower, daffodils represent new beginnings. This symbolism is perfect for celebrating new neighbors who are experiencing a fresh start in a new home and community. A daffodil’s unique trumpet-shaped blossom is a warm, bright yellow representing thoughtfulness, chivalry, and politeness.

Speaking through the language of flowers is a powerful way to send messages of warm welcomes and friendships. Expressing your hospitality to your new neighbors with sensational blooms and houseplants is easy with help from your local florist here at Bloomwoods Flowers.

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